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New Neo4 - Realism on a new level!

New rendering engine and new lighting algorithms bring Neo4 closer to the photorealism of the 3D image!
With new upgraded software, it is now possible to produce project-unique exterior and interior images directly from the model for marketing in social channels and object advertising on housing sites.
With Neo4 Desktop/Neo4 Web we create an interactive 3D experience that weaves in location, communication and future development with the fine qualities of the housing project.
​Then take the step via the built-in housing selector into the building and experience each housings unique characteristics with seasonally adapted solar study and its unique view.

With increased photorealism and the ability to move freely in the Neo4 model, it is now possible to create object-unique exterior and interior images directly from Neo4.
  • New visual material continuously during the marketing of the project,
  • Take pictures to put extra focus on certain homes.
  • Send customized images to housing speculators.
Contact us for how Neo4 can market your particular project, or if you want to upgrade an existing project to the latest version of Neo4.
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