Sightline offers a number of different products and  technologies in order to create the best possible 3D Visualization for your project. Our innovative products is of highest quality so we can combine them into a tailormade solution for you as a client that suits your project. 

See below and read more about the different 3D visualization products we offer.

  • kök_40x50.jpg

    We produce high quality, realistic 3D visualizations and renderings for your project. Photo with that feel, targeted Interiordesign and the graphical style most suitable for the project.

  • vardagsrum_kok_3203LOGO.jpg

    With Virtual Viewer, the Virtual Show Unit you can easily tour your future home from room to room. supporting also exterior environment its suitable for web, social media both on smartphones and tablets.

  • skärm2.jpg

    Man ser direkt vilka lägenheter som finns tillgängliga, och vart den är lokaliserad i byggnaden.

  • NEO4X.jpg

    En omslutande virtual reality värld där man får uppleva hur hela sitt projekt kommer se ut. 

  • skärm3.jpg

    You can immediately see which apartments are available and where they are located in the building.

  • NEO4X.jpg

    An immersive virtual reality world where you can experience what your entire project will look like. 

  • animation.jpg

    We create everything from animated little features to inspiring rides.

  • nytillvalsväljare.jpg

    Creative and simple tool that ease interior selection in the new apartment.

  • bostadsväljaren1.jpg

    With Neo4 Web, you can offer your customers and your project a fully interactive experience, on the web and in mobile, without the need of apps or downloading 3D models.

  • skärm2.jpg

    With Digital Online Viewing, you can combine the personal and informative, the good advice with a rich experience agents present to buyers in realtime over the web.

  • AR.jpg

    See how the future building fits into the existing environment in AR (Augmented Reality), directly on a tablet or smartphone.

  • VR.jpg

    Step into the visualization and walk around. With a VR headset, you become present in the experience, see and experience in a way that is not possible otherwise. The strongest experience we offer.

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