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Neo4 takes Neo4 Desktop to the Web and gives the Property Selector an extra dimension and many more possibilities.

With Neo4, you can offer your customers and your project a fully interactive experience, on the web and on mobile, without apps or downloading 3D models. If the customer can surf the web, they can experience Neo4! Neo4 is a service that runs entirely in the cloud on our powerful servers, and which can be easily integrated with your website.

The experience has a full wealth of detail, is fully interactive, which means that you can move completely freely in the virtual model or use built-in navigation tools to experience a certain apartment, e.g.


The customer can see and experience views from windows and balconies,, move freely from the living room to the kitchen and then out onto the balcony. See sun and light conditions in each room in as well as the area in detail and as a whole for an overview. All this in a Virtual Reality - in Neo4!

See here for some customer projects that have chosen to sell and market utilizing Neo4:

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