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Neo4 Desktop

With the help of Neo4 Desktop, we create a virtual experience that weaves in location, communications and future plans with the fine qualities of the existing environment. 

With a 3d visualization (Neo4 model) in Neo4 Desktop you get what you need for an enveloping Virtual Reality-experience. With Neo4 Desktop, you can easily see how a future building will look in its surroundings, vad you see from a certain balcony or how the sun is at a certain time of day.

Neo4 also includes a property selector which make it easy to compare homes to find your dream home! Brokers and speculators can freely wander around each home to experience the layout, views from windows and sun position. 

  • Built-in housing selector with sync to sales support/CRM

  • Each home can be experienced interactively, its layout, views from windows, sunlight

  • Dynamic solar study function, throughout the year and in every home

  • The project and surroundings also planned development 

With Neo4  you take this to the web.

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