Neo4 Web

Neo4 Web takes Neo4X to the Web giving an extra dimension and many more possibilities.

With Neo4 Web, you can offer your customers and your project a fully interactive experience, on the web and on your mobile, without apps or the need to download or stream 3D models, without demaning certain performance of the users device. If the customer can browse the web and view streamed video, they can experience and fully utilize Neo4 Web!

Neo4 Web is a service that runs entirely in the cloud, it runs multiple projects with multiple concurrent users over multiple servers rendering in real time 3D on high performance GPUs and streaming the 3D graphics as a compressed real-time video feed. The users front end UI only uses standard web technologies which means it can be integrated with your website.


The experience is in full detail, it is fully interactive and immediately responsive which allows you to move completely freely in the virtual model or use built-in navigation tools to experience a certain apartment for example.

The customer can see and experience the views from the windows and balconies, move freely from the living room to the kitchen and then out onto the balcony. See the sun and light conditions in each room as well as the area in detail and in its entirety for an overview.

All this in a Virtual Reality - in Neo4 Web!